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4×4 Rental Rates. What is included? What is extra?

4×4 Rental Rates. Why is it so complicated ? So what does your rental rate include and what not ? Does your rental company actually give you this info before the time. Do you read the rental contract? So many questions that I am going to try and answer and therefore, hopefully, be able to give you peace of mind.

FACT – 4×4 Rentals Africa has an uncomplicated rate structure

4×4 Self Drive is an Adventure Holiday

4×4 Self Drive Holidays are are great fun and I encourage my clients to go out there and enjoy themselves. This is an activity that I have been doing for over 30 years and is part of my cultural heritage that I am sharing with the world. It is a great experience to be close to nature. It is also hard work. many kilometres to drive. Early mornings. You have to be creative with small problems that comes up while on tour. Yes, we all have them. Nowhere is there a trip that takes place with no problem. If this is to much for you rather go for a seaside holiday on the south coast of France where you can drink wine and enjoy the sun. Be ready for this adventure. It is worth it and you will be back to do it again !

4×4 Rental Rates – You get what You Pay For

I get many times that clients come back from their 3 week holiday and then they are disappointed in the equipment or the sleeping bags or something they give me feedback on. On asking some questions I then usually find out clinets have been standing in a campsite next to a private camper who has everything ever invented for the 4×4 market on his car. Or next to someone who rented a car from a 4×4 company that specialises at the top end of the market. You need to compare apples with apples. If you want the best tell me and be ready to pay for this. Most of my complaints that I generate on social media comes from this point. Clients want a cheap rental but want it with 5 stars.

FACT – Affordable is what I strive for.

4×4 Rentals Africa Advantages

  • No holding deposit
  • You get to see the rental contract upfront
  • Affordable rate
  • Equipment range with more items than most rental companies
  • GPS with Tracks for Africa and Sat Phone included


How did I get to the point of making these comments. I base them on my personal experiences and my market research I do every year to ensure I can still offer my product as Affordable / Quality / Experiences. I collect quotes from all my competitors and check where I stand in the quality of my vehicles and the rental rate I charge.

SOUTH AFRICA 4×4 Hire, Land Rover Defender 110 ( TD5, Puma and Puma Expedition ), Toyota DC 4×4, Toyota Land Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner.

All rentals with unlimited mileage and 100% insurance. Satellite phone included.

Long Term Rentals – 1 night’s FREE accommodation in Johannesburg on rentals of 25 days or more.

www.southafrica4x4.co.za   – Hire of Defenders

www.4x4rentalsafrica.com  – Hire of Land Cruisers and Hilux 4x4s

www.sa4x4blog.co.za  – Travel Information

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