4x4 for hire | 4x4 fully quipped to rent | Hire a 4x4 vehicle in Johannesburg | Self Drive Africa Adventure4x4 for hire | 4x4 fully quipped to rent | Hire a 4x4 vehicle in Johannesburg | Self Drive Africa AdventureBook your 4x4 rental in 2019. Rent the right vehicle with all the right gear from 4x4 Rentals Africa.4x4 for hire | 4x4 fully quipped to rent | Hire a 4x4 vehicle in Johannesburg | Self Drive Africa Adventure4x4 for hire | 4x4 fully quipped to rent | Hire a 4x4 vehicle in Johannesburg | Self Drive Africa Adventure
Toyota 4x4 Cape Town

Are you the owners of the 4×4 vehicles ?

Yes. I ( Carel Pienaar ) am the owner of all the vehicles in the fleet and this is important as I have every reason to ensure my vehicles are best prepared for your adventure, that your cross-border documents are in order and that I have packed everything you need for your adventure, so this way I can give each client personal attention and service.

What is included in the 4×4 vehicle rental rate ?

Your 4×4 vehicle. All your camping equipment ( 2 person, 4 person, 5 person ). Any extra equipment you have requested. Cross border documents. Standard Insurance.

What Equipment do we include in our 4×4 vehicles hire ?

We supply the best range of equipment. Sleeping bags, gas, fridge, everything you need. See our Equipment Pack List
Please CLICK HERE to see our equipment list.

What 4×4 vehicle hire options are available  ?

I offer the following 4×4 vehicles :
• Toyota Hilux Double Cab
• Toyota Land Cruiser

What does the 4×4 Vehicles, Standard Insurance cover me for ?

Any accident, theft or if the 4×4 vehicles is on fire. Also covers you should you cause damage to a 3rd party ( another person ) by damaging their car or drive into their wall / house. On Standard insurance you are responsible for the first R 20 000 in damages. Thereafter the insurance covers any further costs.

Can I have Zero Excess Insurance on my rental 4×4 ?

Yes. You can take out additional insurance, CDW2 at an extra cost of R 260 per day. This will make you responsible for an Admin Fee of R 3 000. That is it. Rest the insurance will sort out.

Do I need to pay any fees at the border when crossing with the hired 4×4 vehicle ?

At every border you will cross there are certain fees payable. For the most complete up to date list of fees please go and have a look at the Automobile Association of South Africa’s website :
In general be prepared to purchase a 3rd party insurance and pay a road tax. Most East Africa countries have additional fees. Fees are paid in local currency, cash.

What fuel does the hire 4×4 vehicles use ?

All our vehicles use Diesel. Diesel is more reliably available in most countries we operate in. If you run into a crises in that the fuel station does not have any diesel, you can buy diesel from a trucker next to the road. In general support the branded fuel stations to ensure you get clean diesel. Puma, Camel Oil, Lake Oil, Shell, BP.

How will I know how to use the rental 4×4 vehicle and Equipment ?

When I see you at the start of your rental I take 90 minutes to take you through all the equipment and how to operate the 4×4. Please leave enough time for your own questions as well.

Do you have automatic 4×4 vehicles ?

All our vehicles are manual transmission. Manual 4×4 vehicles have more power and gives you more control over the vehicle in a 4×4 driving situation. Should you need repair to be done on your vehicles most mechanics are better trained on manual vehicles.

Where can I take a hire 4×4 vehicle ?

You can take our rental 4×4 vehicles to the following countries :
South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Angola, Congo, DRC, Cameroon, Gabon

How clean is the sleeping bags that is supplied with the 4×4 rental vehicles ?

Nothing wrong in asking this question. I would not climb in a dirty sleeping bag either. At the end of each trip the sleeping bags are washed and disinfected / sterilised ( for just in case ) and then sun dried for a full day to ensure that they are clean and hygienic. Some clients still prefer to bring their own bags and you are welcome to do so as well.

What about gas to cook with when we hire the 4×4 vehicle?

When you collect your 4×4 vehicle I supply you with a 3kg gas cylinder, full with gas. On average you use 200 grams of gas per cooking cycle. This will give you 15 cooking sessions with the provided gas. Should you need to fill up the gas cylinder you can do so at any main town. I usually ask at the fuel station for where I can refill gas and I am sorted in no time. Remember that the gas cylinder is filled and not exchanged. Most of my clients that are out for 21 days find that the 3kg gas is more than enough.

How do I plan my Route for my 4×4 Adventure ?

For Day 1 do not drive to far as you may have flight delays. Average your kilometres per day to be around 250km. Some days you can drive further, 750km and then the next days you are relaxing. Try and not to drive to far on the last day as you need to catch your return flight and you do not want to be late. For you own ease why not stay in a guest house or hotel for the first night. You had a long flight, 90 minute 4×4 vehicle hand over, wanted to shop and get on the road, all in one day. You are suppose to be on holiday. Take it easy and slow down !