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Angola 4×4 Self Drive

Be a part of history by visiting this beautiful country still in the transitional phases between a war torn area and a vibrant tourist destination. From 1975 all the way through to 2002 Angola was locked into a brutal civil war, and has only recently become a place that is slowly transitioning towards a tourist destination. Because of this new time of change Angola does not have very many destinations that are specifically tailored to the needs of tourists; this is one of the things that makes Angola a beautiful place to visit now.

The lack of tourist tailored destinations makes for a very interesting trip and an absolute must see for any person interested in military and war related history. The beautiful landscape of Angola allows for many 4×4 Rentals Africa self drive opportunities.

  1. River & Fishing tours: Angola is fast becoming a sought-after angling destination. The waters are teeming with fish which have been left untouched by human interference for many years due to the civil war. This makes Angola, and especially the rivers winding through the beautiful country, a popular destination for anyone who finds enjoyment in fishing. The river tours that can be taken along the larger rivers in Angola are also an excellent way to experience the country.
Fishing Village Angola – 4×4 Rentals Africa Self Drive
  1. Battlefield Tours: The battlefield tours in Angola are an absolute must see for anybody interested in military history. The Angolan civil war started in 1975 directly after Angola gained independence from the Portuguese. This war also served for one of the battle grounds of the cold war, and is rife with cold war history for any enthusiast to seek out. Southern Angola is popular with many visits from SADF members reliving their days spent in the bush. Thank you to the men and woman that made it possible. I think of a couple of units that were instrumental in the fight.

Calundula Waterfall: based on the Lucala River  the Calundula falls are 105 meters high (344 feet) and 400 meters wide (1312 feet). Beautifully set in the tropical rain forests of Angola the Calundula Falls are one of the largest waterfalls in Africa.

Calundula Waterfalls – Angola – 4×4 Rentals Africa
  1. Tigres Island:  Baia dos Tigres or Tigers Island is the largest island off the Angolan coast. Situated in the Namibe Province Tigers Island has an area of 98 km². It once had a small but well established fishing village named Tigres. Because of rising sea levels, Tigers Island was separated from the Angolan coast in 1962. Tigres Island became an Island overnight with no water supply, Tigres Island and the pump station at the Cunene river mouth were abandoned, and have become ghost towns slowly being reclaimed by the desert. This makes Tigers Island the perfect destination if you enjoy a good ghost hunt.
Flamingo Lodge Angola – 4×4 Rentals Africa

Over all a visit to this vibrant, up and coming country is a must for anyone looking to get in touch with nature or looking to claim a little slice of history for him/herself. For more information please visit

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2020 is the year to explore. Have you seen the Bushman in the Mgadigadi Pans ? Or seen the migration at the Liuwa Plains in Zambia. So much to explore this year. Or just maybe go back to that old favourite campsite on Lake Malawi ? Have a look at our tour plan options and discover what are popular among our clients and what works with a 4×4 self drive.